"Officially" founded in 2011, Arctic Breed Rescue (ABR) is dedicated to the successful rescue, rehabilitation and forever rehoming of our beloved arctic breeds, and their crosses.  Our base of operations is in Sydney, NSW however we do rehome to all states within Australia.

Using a combination of foster homes and a specialised kennel environment, we firmly believe our rescues are our clients, and they remain safe with us until such time as their family finds them.  

As a private rescue resource ABR promotes responsible pet ownership at all times.  All of our rescue bears are:

Desexed • Microchipped • Lifetime Registered (NSW only) • C5 vaccinated • Heartworm tested and treated • Internal and external parasite treated

Most important of all, all of our bears will come with a lifetime of love.


The ABR Crew

P.S.  We are always on the lookout for foster carers.  If you interested in potentially caring for one of our rescues please fill in our Foster Carer Enquiry Form found under "Forms", above.  Go on - you know you want to! 

It's a sad fact that there are too many unwanted dogs and not enough homes for them. many people worry about adopting an adult dog from a shelter or rescue organisation because they believe the animal will have behavioural or other problems. But, the truth is that most dogs in pounds and shelters are perfectly normal well-behaved dogs who are there through no fault of their own! Click on the picture to read the stories of our own pound needies who have been lucky enough to be given a chance at the life they should have had right from the start.

Click on the picture above to view our online memorial to the precious babies who are no longer with us.

If you would like to include tour beloved arctic breed in this album please send us an email, we'd be more than happy to include them.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

RIP Darling Hearts


Rescue and rehoming is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Reality is that you cannot do it alone.

From the pounds we deal with, right through to the trainers and our wonderful volunteers - the fight is a collective one.

Please click on the picture above to visit and support those that help us in our daily fight.