Siberian Husky
12 Year Old Female
Located : Everleigh (Redfern) NSW

At a refined 12 years of age one may expect a Grand Ole Dame who sleeps the day away. Who is content to hang on the outskirts of your life, not participating in the dynamic frolics of family. Throw those stereotypes out the window for I am The Roxx… and I do.

During the week sees me living the cafe lifestyle in the inner city. A daily sojourn or two to the local park, perhaps a quick stroll to check in on the neighbours. Would it be remiss of me to not mention my twice-weekly 7-10km runs? A lady must keep her muscly physique honed and her inner core strong after all. Not a runner? Perhaps you come with a weekend acreage like my foster parentals, where I can be footloose and fancy free. Or have a large, gated dog park near my new abode - but take care, for I like my little dogs a bit too much….

Speaking of food the establishment of boundaries has seen me learn manners when you’re sitting at the dinner table or a small person is waving food around. Just trust me when I say, though, that there will never be leftovers with a willing me around. A little tip - when giving treats palm of hand is best as fingers are not necessarily seen when the noms are around.

I suffer no separation anxiety but company is very important to me. I will need my humans around all the time, or another canine for company when you are not. My intelligence is such that I quickly cordoned on that I needed to fit in with my foster fur sister and not the other way around. I was perhaps a bit slower when it came to the cats… but they’re still alive. If you have some of those just make sure they give us canines no quarter - especially when I try to head but them out of the way of their dinner bowl. Food…….mmmm.

When you need a friend to talk to I am there, so long as you understand that I talk back. Especially in the mornings when you wake. You’ll never forget to take me for a run or to the park for I will remind you. Be prepared to hear about my day when you come home from work. I’m positively non-stop when it’s time for dinner. And yes, when I don’t want to do something I pull out the big guns - that patented arctic party trick of back chat coupled with the switching off of ears.

These may technically be my twilight years, but for me life has just begun. Wanna come along for the ride? Then fill in our no-obligation enquiry form and we’ll take things from there.  

Adoption Fee - Donation to ABR
Includes desexing, microchip, C5 vaccination, heartworm test / treat, internal and external parasite treatment, microchip transfer and lifetime registration in NSW