Siberian Husky
2 Year Old Female
Located : Wyong (Central Coast) NSW

The Season “Winter” brings to mind snow, thunder, rain and grey skies. Lucky for you my name is spelled “Wynter” for I am anything but that!

A smiley, social girl I am constantly on the move. Enthralled with all life has to offer, my main pleasures in life are:

#1 Food - I just don’t understand those finicky husky eaters we’ve all heard about. When it comes to food I say “bring it”. Don’t despair my waistline won’t suffer for I have the energy to burn it off at a rate that would put any boot campers to shame. But alas, although I have greatly improved since coming into care you will need to feed me away from any other canines in the family. Sharing is not always caring! Perhaps this is where I mention that one must keep any cats or pocket pets secure and safely out of reach - my prey drive is high and my appetite constant.

#2 Toys. Prepare to meet “The Puppeh” when squeaky toys are around.

#3 Humans. I know this is listed third but really, you are No. 1 in my eyes. I absolutely adore your kind, basking in all your glory. Child friendly, due to my over-exciteable nature and energy levels it’s probably best they be steady on their feet and a match to my enthusiasm.

#4 Canines. So long as they are medium to large in stature I am what’s known as a social butterfly and there must be at least one in my new abode. Currently in foster with a large pack I am best with boys who will worship me (and tire me out), fine with girls so long as they heed my authority. I have been known to defend my ground with the latter should the need arise.

#5 Adventure. Car rides and trips to the beach bring such joy. Be silly enough to let me off lead in ungated areas? You WILL look the fool. Escape artistry is not on my agenda at home, but then again I am mentally and physically stimulated so let’s continue this moving forward shall we! A real powerhouse on lead my pulling strength and energy means I am only suited to an active lifestyle.

Like all good husky females I am stubborn at times and dare I say it, just plain belligerent. You have to work to get me to observe my boundaries but once I do, they’re cemented for life. Suitable to a breed experienced home if you feel you can offer what I want, I will deliver what you need. Why not fill in our no-obligation enquiry form and see where this could lead us?


Adoption Fee - $400
Includes desexing, microchip, C5 vaccination, heartworm test / treat, internal and external parasite treatment, microchip transfer and lifetime registration in NSW