Alaskan Malamute
9 Year Old Female
Located : Mandalong (Central Coast), NSW

According to the Urban Dictionary Kasha is “one of the coolest girls you’ll ever meet. She has a rocking sense of humour combined with great intelligence.” Yep. They nailed me.

I’m cool in that I get along with just about everyone, whether they be human or canine. With you humans I am very approachable and friendly, but you will need to earn my trust before I fully open up and reveal even more of my beautiful soul. Who knows, come that day and I may even allow you to brush me with more than just a slicker brush! Speaking of, I am currently recovering from neglected hot spots so particular attention may need to be paid in this area moving forward.

With other canines I am friend to all, so long as they don’t try to hump me for I will put them in their place faster than you can say “grrrr”! Although a dominant mally at the core I am balanced and wouldn’t dream of starting any trouble for I believe life is all about friends and family. Just don’t push me, for you will raise my ire and I will school you into submission. Then proceed to chastise myself at such unbecoming behaviour.

My intelligence shines through as I remember every interaction we have had. I remember every time you have tried to give me my meds, and how. In cheese one day? I’m now lactose intolerant. Perhaps peanut butter is your preferred method? Nut allergies, hello! Heh.

I seek the simple pleasures in life. My humans around more often than not, perhaps a friendly canine to spend time with. A clam shell pool and permission to frolic in the rain. Very much the puppeh who *may* need some arthritis management in the future, if you are ready to welcome me I am ready to meet you. So fill in our no-obligation enquiry form to see if we match.


Adoption Fee - $150
Includes desexing, microchip, C5 vaccination, heartworm test / treat, internal and external parasite treatment, microchip transfer and lifetime registration in NSW