Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. This questionnaire does not bind you to adopting any dog through ABR, but rather helps us make a suitable match between the dog and his / her new family. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

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* Please note if you live in rented premises or a strata / community unit we require written confirmation, on property agent or body corporate letterhead, before we are able to rehome any of our dogs into your family.
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Important Information.

  • All our dogs are placed on an initial two week trial to ensure compatibility for both humans and dog.
  • The adoption fee is payable before the two week trial commences but is fully refundable if the trial is not successful.*
  • All paperwork is completed once you take possession of the animal, and only submitted with council once you have indicated you wish to adopt the dog (at the conclusion of the two week trial).*
  • ABR is always only a phone call away should you experience any issues during the settling in period.

* Please note this does not apply to private rehoming situations.  However we always happy to discuss options if required.

On submission, if the form does not submit, but scrolls to the top, it indicates you have not correctly completed a question. Please check that all questions are completed before submitting again.