ABR is happy to promote any arctic breed who is in need of private rehoming, pursuant to the following guidelines:

  • The animal must be desexed (at your cost, if need be).*
  • All vaccinations (C5 minimum), heartworm test / treat and internal / external parasite treatments must be up to date (at your cost).*
  • The animal must be legally owned by you and not have any nuisance or dangerous dog orders against it.
  • Full disclosure as to the dogs temperament is provided in it's listing description by you.

* You will need to provide proof of this.

Your arctic breed will be promoted through the ABR FB page and our network.  To assist us in providing more rescue opportunities for other arctics in need, a nominal donation fee of $150 is gratefully received.

As a listing resource only, any and all communications concerning the rehoming of your arctic breed is to take place between yourself and the prospective new family.  ABR cannot be held accountable should things not work out based on same.

If you wish to list your arctic breed as a private rehome please contact us

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